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5 Main Points Of Indoor Children's Playground Design
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5 Main Points Of Indoor Children's Playground Design

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Naughty Castle is a new generation of children's activity center that integrates amusement, sports, puzzle, fitness and other functions formed through a scientific three-dimensional combination. They can cultivate children's independent personalities, exercise their bodies, and strengthen their brains. Nowadays, naughty castles are loved by more and more parents and children, so new naughty castles are constantly appearing. So what points should be considered when planning a new naughty castle?

1. Understand the development trend of amusement equipment

When planning a naughty castle, you need to start by researching market demand and analyzing the status of amusement projects in the target area. After getting the results and rules, you need to summarize the characteristics of the market demand, understand the amusement equipment that is popular with customers in the market, and create an unconventional amusement mode.

2. Creative combination of devices

In the children's amusement industry, the innovation of equipment combination is a lower cost and easier way to complete. It includes not only the combination within different amusement equipment, but also the combination between different amusement equipment. After the combination, a new children's play experience project can be formed. However, this combination not only requires novelty, uniqueness, and comfort, but also requires reasonable functions and proper distribution of functional areas.

indoor playground (2)

3. Set off the characteristics of the equipment with the park environment

The environmental atmosphere of the indoor children's playground has an important influence on the attractiveness of the amusement project. The children's playground with a long operating life and aging on the ground, walls and glass can be refreshed by changing the environment.

4. Increase the child's sense of experience with the device

Participation and experience are the central features of children's play programs. In terms of innovation of amusement projects, for some projects with weak tourist participation, games can be planned for amusement projects. Introducing the amusement project in the game link can enhance the participation of tourists, thereby improving the attractiveness of children's amusement projects.

5. Update equipment according to the trend

For children's playground projects with a short life cycle, the screening of hardware equipment is relatively fast, which requires timely updating of equipment. The equipment update is not only to replace the old with the new, but to continuously introduce new children's play equipment. However, updating hardware equipment requires increased investment, so you need to make reasonable budget arrangements.

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