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Mengkeqi is a creative and characteristic indoor children's playground built for mid-to-high-end resort hotels. The overall style of the park is fresh, cheerful, relaxed, warm and comfortable. The park is mainly equipped with small and fresh theme styles, trampolines, interactive projections, electric equipment, sand pools, ocean ball pools, UFO flying saucer machines, net rope climbing, and rich obstacle clearance shelf areas, which add unique charm to hotel operators and provide customers with Pleasant experience and hard work have been praised and affirmed by the hotel operation, which also promotes a deeper partnership between the company and the hotel operator to achieve win-win cooperation.

Playgrounds make hotels more family-friendly, thus opening up new market segments, building venue loyalty while driving food and beverage revenue. These can add value to the guest experience and encourage families to visit and spend more time at the hotel.
The significance of the existence of the hotel children's playground
Increase consumption breadth
As a commercial enterprise, a hotel can only make a profit by attracting customers to generate traffic. Children's entertainment space is a place for entertainment, activities and rest for children, which can meet the needs of customers traveling with children. The setting of children's entertainment space can enrich the service mode of the hotel, enhance the selectivity of consumers, improve the attractiveness of hotel space to consumers, and realize the operating benefits of hotel enterprises.

children's social environment
Children in the children's entertainment space can promote them to gradually integrate into the social life of children of the same age, continuously gain happiness in the contact with children of the same age, and enrich children's social life experience. The children's activity space in the hotel is objectively similar to kindergartens and schools, providing opportunities for children to communicate with others, so that children can continuously develop the ability to communicate with others, acquire information and knowledge, and promote children's social learning and social development. At the same time improve their interpersonal communication skills.

A place for parent-child entertainment
The role of the children's entertainment space in the hotel is not only to provide children with entertainment needs, but also to strengthen the interaction between children and their parents. In the process of playing together, parents and children can deepen their mutual feelings and enhance children's trust in their parents. feel.

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