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With the continuous advancement of quality education in the country, the concept of education has undergone earth-shaking changes. Schools no longer pay attention to classroom teaching blindly, but also gradually pay attention to children's extracurricular activities and pay attention to the cultivation of children's comprehensive quality. For this reason, most schools have purchased outdoor amusement equipment, aiming at strengthening children's physical fitness and cultivating children's good spiritual qualities of perseverance, perseverance and courage, and fearlessness of hardships.

Combination slide
The combination slide is a children's activity center formed by scientific and three-dimensional combination of components such as stairs, platforms, slides, and drilling holes. It is the standard configuration of school amusement equipment and the favorite of children. Here, children can not only enjoy the fun of slides, but also enhance their physical fitness and improve their balance and coordination.
According to different styles, combined slides can be divided into castle series slides, pirate ship series slides, forest series slides, colorful series slides, inclined house series slides and other themed styles. Schools can choose according to the actual situation of the venue. In addition, when purchasing a combination slide, it is necessary to choose according to the age of the child, taking into account the controllability and fun of the slide.
climbing frame
The internal structure of the climbing frame is relatively changeable, including single-plank bridges, climbing frames, drilling holes, climbing nets, etc. It is mainly amusement equipment designed for older children.
Climbing is a very challenging and interesting sport. Children get physical exercise in the process of climbing, grasping, climbing and drilling. At the same time, it also enhances the coordination and coordination of children's hands, eyes, limbs and other parts of the body. balance. In addition, climbing helps children overcome bad qualities such as timidity and cowardice, and cultivates children's good spiritual qualities of being active, courageous, and not afraid of hardships.

climbing wall
Children's rock climbing wall generally refers to artificially designed rock walls with many rock points of different sizes on it, with different heights and difficulties. It reduces various risks such as falling rocks and falling when climbing natural rock fields in the wild. Children can experience the thrill of climbing and challenge their limits in a simulated situation with no external danger at all.

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