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outdoor playground park
With the continuous advancement of quality education in the country, the concept of education has undergone earth-shaking changes. Schools no longer pay attention to classroom teaching blindly, but also gradually pay attention to children's extracurricular activities and pay attention to the cultivation of children's comprehensive quality. For this reason, most schools have purchased outdoor amusement equipment, aiming at strengthening children's physical fitness and cultivating children's good spiritual qualities of perseverance, perseverance and courage, and fearlessness of hardships.
indoor playground park
Mengkeqi is a creative and characteristic indoor children's playground built for mid-to-high-end resort hotels. The overall style of the park is fresh, cheerful, relaxed, warm and comfortable. The park is mainly equipped with small and fresh theme styles, trampolines, interactive projections, electric equipment, sand pools, ocean ball pools, UFO flying saucer machines, net rope climbing, and rich obstacle clearance shelf areas, which add unique charm to hotel operators and provide customers with Pleasant experience and hard work have been praised and affirmed by the hotel operation, which also promotes a deeper partnership between the company and the hotel operator to achieve win-win cooperation.
indoor playground park
With the rapid growth of the national economy and the improvement of people's living standards, more and more high-end shopping malls have entered our field of vision.

Large shopping malls have one-stop service functions of eating, drinking and playing, and have a good environment. When economic conditions permit, they become the first choice for leisure consumption of adults and children.

Children's playgrounds in large shopping malls have attracted the attention of many investors with their strong ability to absorb money. 

What are the advantages of opening a children's playground in large shopping malls and supermarkets?
Shopping Mall
indoor playground park
In view of the particularity and physiological characteristics of children, in order to improve children's medical experience and alleviate children's fear of hospitals, a small children's playground is specially set up inside the hospital to make the hospital more warm.

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