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In view of the particularity and physiological characteristics of children, in order to improve children's medical experience and alleviate children's fear of hospitals, a small children's playground is specially set up inside the hospital to make the hospital more warm.

The children will not feel that they are here to see a doctor, and they can't wait to play. In addition, every detail of the paintings on the walls of the Children's Medical Center and the dolls in the consulting room is designed to reduce the pressure on children when they face treatment and make them more relaxed.
For the safety of children, anti-fall mats are specially laid on the ground of the children's playground. The materials used in the entire playground are non-toxic, odorless and environmentally friendly materials certified by relevant quality inspection agencies. In terms of recreational facilities, children's favorite slides and toys are set up to let them relax their tension and anxiety in the game, and increase the childlike fun of the hospital.

The establishment of a small children's paradise has effectively alleviated the anxiety of parents waiting for the doctor and the fear of children. Many children's families are very satisfied with this measure full of humanistic care. When I came to the hospital to see a doctor before, it was all white walls. The baby cries as soon as it comes, the baby is very scared, and the parents are also very irritable. It is different now. The baby is playing happily in the children's playground while waiting for the doctor. He is no longer afraid of the doctor, and the parents are much more relaxed. The approach of the hospital is really too humane.

The hospital renovated the children's waiting area to create a "paradise-style children's hospital" with a warm environment and full of childlike fun.

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