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About The Indoor Playground

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An indoor playground, also known as an indoor playground, is a playground located in an indoor environment. It was developed to provide fun in a safe environment for children 14 and under. There are distinct differences between commercial playgrounds and residential playgrounds. Residential playgrounds, while safe, are often made of wood and do not have safety guidelines set by different associations. Additionally, parents can often find commercial playgrounds in parks, fast food restaurants, indoor playgrounds, daycares, kindergartens, schools and churches where both kids and parents can have a great time. The price of a commercial playground depends on its size and type of components. Prices typically range from $10,000 to $150,000. They are specially designed for children to play in a safe and playful area and have tons of fun. The soft structure and play equipment are encased in soft sponge and foam, covered in PVC to absorb shock when children drop or bounce. Therefore, indoor playgrounds are generally safer play areas than outdoor playgrounds.

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Indoor playgrounds have become popular all over the world since they originated in the United States in the 1990s. The commercial playground industry has grown tremendously over the past few decades. Commercial playgrounds started out with slides and climbing structures side by side and then eventually combined. From their early days, commercial playgrounds have grown into a multi-million dollar industry with playgrounds featuring multiple levels, climbing structures, slides, game boards, and platforms.

Today indoor playgrounds have evolved from simple indoor climbing frames to complex children's play centers, including multiple play areas for different age groups. In addition to ticket sales, the income of indoor playgrounds also comes from diversified sources of children's entertainment and services, such as: hosting parties, gift sales, children's crafts, beverages, etc. Playgrounds are designed to be both safe and fun, ensuring children have fun and parents and guardians feel at ease.

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