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Basic Skills Of Bouncing
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Basic Skills Of Bouncing

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You will often see other people jumping up and bouncing off very easily at trampoline parks and doing many unexpected moves. When it's your turn to try it, it doesn't seem that easy to do, so what should you do? Today we will share with you some basic skills of trampoline bouncing.

1. Basic bounce reflex

The reason you can jump repeatedly on a trampoline is because of the interaction. Before attempting any more difficult maneuvers, you should first know how to stop safely. When your foot touches the trampoline, you have to learn to bend your knees and stop.

2. Regular bouncing rhythm

The key to a good bounce is to establish a rhythm with the trampoline - this helps to understand the stages of a bounce - and each bounce is divided into 4 parts:


(1) From takeoff to the top of the bounce;

(2) From TOP to when you touch the trampoline again (first touch);

(3) From "first contact" to full depression of the trampoline (lower is better);

(4) From "full depression" to takeoff point (or last contact).

The most critical period for an accurate bounce is the time between "first contact" and "last contact" because it is here that you need to establish a good rhythm most.

As our feet hit the trampoline, our arms gently paddle in circles, moving forward from our side, and when we first touch the trampoline, our hands come back to our side again. The circle will get bigger and bigger as it bounces, and the bounce will get higher and higher by the following operations.

Every move you do should start in the same way, swinging the arms as straight as possible from the side of the leg in front of you to overhead, then back to the side of the leg as you approach the trampoline again. The important thing is that you need to be on your toes except when landing. For the most efficient bounce, you should place your feet flat on the trampoline and hold that position until the trampoline is raised again. As your ascent begins to pick up speed, press your toes deep into the trampoline to get yourself higher, then keep your toes pointed at the trampoline until you land again.

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