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Basic Trampoline Movements For Beginners
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Basic Trampoline Movements For Beginners

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Trampoline is a form of entertainment that more and more people will choose now. But for beginners, you must master the correct method in the process of trampoline, otherwise, it may cause other damage to your body. Now let's take a look at the basic movements of trampoline for beginners.

1. Adaptive training is essential

The most basic training action when a novice is new to trampoline sports is vertical jumping. Although the action of vertical take-off is very simple, due to the difference between the elasticity of the trampoline and the elasticity of the ground, it is necessary to have certain essentials of action.

1). Shake on the trampoline net with your hands on your hips and your feet vertically separated from your shoulders. Try not to bend your knees when shaking, and use your feet to exert force.

2). The second step is to perform take-off training. The method is also to jump from low to high on the trampoline net with feet and shoulders vertically separated. Be careful not to bend your knees as much as possible when you take off, and rely on your feet to exert force.

3). After learning the vertical jump with akimbo, you can try to practice the vertical jump with the arms. The training of the vertical jump with the arms starts from the circle with both hands.

trampoline park (1)

2. Analysis of ground static action

The ground movements decomposed according to the posture of trampoline and the shape of the body in the air, which can make you proficient in the posture of aerial movements and strengthen the awareness of aerial movements. The static actions on the ground include: standing against the wall, leaning against the arm, leaning on the body, leaning on the body, lying on the arm, front and back empty bed, front and back handstand, reclining handstand, and hanging ring handstand.

3. Analysis of the ground dynamic action

1). Swing the arm in place: start from the arm circle to standardize the circle swing arm.

2). Jump on the spot: Keep your body straight, look forward and down, and keep your neck tight. During the jump, try not to exert force on the knee joint, separate your feet when you land, and quickly join your legs when you jump off the ground.

3). In-situ arm jump: Clamp both sides of the body with both arms, other requirements are the same as above.

4). Standing Arm Jump: When the hands are raised, the shoulders should be opened, the arms and the body should be in a straight line, and the arms should be clamped in the middle. Other requirements are the same as the jumping on the spot.

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