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Can Children Play On Trampolines?
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Can Children Play On Trampolines?

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Children are always curious about new things and it is in their nature to play. Trampolining is a very popular and familiar recreational activity for children, and can be played alone or with several children.

Sports psychologists have shown that trampolining is developed according to the psychological characteristics of children's recreation and movement. It promotes the development of the muscles of the legs and the balance of the nervous system of the cerebellum and the nervous system of the brain, as well as the mechanical stimulation of the bones, which is beneficial for the growth of height.

Trampoline exercise can enhance the function of the child's body systems, accelerate blood circulation to strengthen metabolism, promote cardiopulmonary function, in the process of playing trampoline, enhance the lung power, a good prevention and treatment of common respiratory diseases. Exercise can also promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, enhance digestive capacity and appetite, and also have a certain auxiliary therapeutic effect on anorexia.

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But children playing trampoline must pay attention to safety issues, small children playing in indoor trampoline, to keep the indoor air fresh, do not use air conditioning or electric fan direct blowing. Trampolines must be kept away from windows and furniture and at least half a metre away from walls, and should be played under parental supervision to prevent children from jumping too high when they are having fun. When buying a home trampoline, special attention should be paid to the quality, size, ease of use and collection and elasticity of the trampoline. In particular, the quality of the problem, the quality of the trampoline brands on the market varies, when buying must be recognized brand and qualification, the quality must be strict control. If you want to buy trampolines and related equipment, you can choose Dreamcatch. Otherwise, it is very easy to cause danger.

When children play on trampolines, do not carry any sharp, metal or other hard objects to prevent injury from falling over while playing. Also do not eat while playing to prevent serious consequences such as choking if food is accidentally dropped into the trachea or stuck in the throat. When playing on the trampoline, do not jump close to the edge of the trampoline to avoid injury from jumping out.

Children under 8 years old should be accompanied by their parents. The above are warm tips on common safety issues for children playing on trampolines. Parents should pay attention to the fact that children do not have sufficient awareness of self-protection and need to be supervised and informed by parents to avoid unnecessary dangers.

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