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Classic Children's Playground Sharing
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Classic Children's Playground Sharing

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Appropriate experience activities during children's growth are a must! Nowadays, there are many children's amusement facilities that combine experience and education. While improving children's physical functions, they are truly entertaining and educational! Today we will share some classic children's playground designs.

1. Woodland Playground in Shelby Farm Park, Naxi, USA

The overall organizational approach of the playground is planted with native trees and a pergola to connect and define a series of 6 outdoor play spaces. According to the different ages children, develop their own abilities and interests. The whole playground is composed of pergolas and nests. The pergola serves as a passage, and the nest serves as a play space. The pergolas are made from recycled steel and feature large arched entrances to each individual play space. Functionally, the pergola acts as a trellis for vines and branches, enabling it to grow along the entire structure of the pergola, and the vegetation will gradually cover the overall structure, creating an unusual gardening scene.

2. Schulberg Sculpture Playground, Germany

The playground consists of 3 basic components. The most important part is a three-dimensional structure, which is composed of two green steel pipes that meander and float among the trees, with a balanced distance and height. The middle part of the structure is a ring surrounded by dense climbing nets, which can be used for children to carry out a series of game activities. The structure is pentagonal, inspired by the historical shape of the city of Wiesbaden, and the undulation of the steel pipes is set according to the urban context of the site, the entrance context or the viewpoint. The second basic component of the playground is a simulated landform enclosed by climbing structures, hills and rings of soft rubber surrounded by sand pits and surrounded by trees, which become play structures for younger children.

indoor playground (2)

3. Alfortville Children's Playground, France

Designers have built diverse playgrounds for children. In order to allow children to come into contact with all elements of the space: land, plants, lights, smells, colors, and sounds, the playground uses devices that can make hissing sounds and transparent lights. There is also a botanical garden with different feelings, which is very distinctive. Today, Alfortville is one of the largest public entertainment spaces for children, which has led to the development of this type of playground.

5. Darling Harbor Playground, Sydney, Australia

Highlighting the characteristics of the industrial port of Darling Harbour, the playground uses "water" as the theme to create a series of creative interactive game spaces. Water gates, water pumps, spiral water buckets and other appliances create a playground for exploring the water world, and children can control the flow of water throughout the process. In the "dry" playground, there are large sand pools, slides, climbing nets, and large slides.

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