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Common Types Of Slides
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Common Types Of Slides

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Children's slides are the most common equipment in children's playgrounds, and there are many types. Generally speaking, according to the material and shape of the slide, it can be divided into the following types.

1. Traditional plastic slides

The more classic and traditional plastic slides are common in parks, communities, playgrounds and other places. It is made of engineering plastic material, blow molding. Although its shape is fixed, the color, size, size, length can be customized. Plastic slides can be combined with other accessories to form a variety of different shapes. Plastic slides have good comfort, smooth sliding force and low difficulty in production. They are suitable for children aged 3-8 and are one of the most widely used types of slides in children's playgrounds.

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2. Stainless steel slide

Stainless steel slides can be seen in all kinds of places, and they are amusement equipment that both children and adults like very much. The stainless steel slide series features unique and ever-changing designs to create infinite appeal in a limited space. The stainless steel slide is made of 304 stainless steel. 304 stainless steel has the characteristics of environmental protection, wear resistance, low-temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, high hardness, bright and beautiful surface, etc. They have very good durability and will not deform even in harsh outdoor conditions.

3. PE board slide

Compared with plastic slides and stainless steel slides, this kind of slide is relatively safe and closer to nature. They are safe and environmentally friendly, with a relatively soft texture. Long-term use will not cause any harm to children themselves, ensuring the safety of children. The external shape of the PE board slide is very novel, keeping up with the trend, and it is designed according to the shape that children like, which is in line with the current children's aesthetics so that children will be more willing to play.

4. Splicing slides

The splicing slide is to combine sections of plastic slides, and the color, length, and size can be customized to present different styles of slides. Splicing slides have appeared more and more in outdoor children's playgrounds and kindergartens in recent years, and are also common equipment in children's playgrounds.

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