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Dangerous Hazards And Safety Instructions In Trampolining
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Dangerous Hazards And Safety Instructions In Trampolining

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The trampoline park has a combination of many items: free trampoline, dunking, dodgeball, bubble football area, air flip area, sponge pool area, fighting stick, climbing wall, spider tower, spider wall/sticky wall, parkour, special trampoline area, ninja path, Russian carousel project, naughty castle, devil slide, EPP blocks, quality development, inflatable bag, maze trampoline, dry snow slide, zip line project, cupping foot, volcano climbing, ocean ball pool, patting, VR, archery and other game items in one indoor playground.

It is a fun place for children and teenagers to play and a space for adults to release stress and find themselves. Here, you can tumble and leap to your heart's content, break free from stress and exercise to your heart's content. The feeling of taking flight is really too much for everyone to resist.

However, while many people are obsessed with its many different trampoline tricks, they overlook the dangers and hazards that exist when playing on trampolines to avoid unnecessary accidents and injuries. If you want to have fun and feel safe playing on a trampoline, you need to know what to look out for and what to prevent!

I. Dangerous hazards in trampolining

Although the trampoline manufacturers have reduced the risk factor to a very low factor in the design of the product. However, every year still can not avoid a lot of people in the trampoline play time injury, and cause injury to most of these reasons is also because of the wrong way to land and not standard operation caused.

For example, many people jump and grab on one side of the trampoline, resulting in forced falls or trampling, and serious fractures.

In the fun sponge pool activities, some people want to fresh, with the wrong dangerous action to lie down at height, resulting in heavy fractures of the spine or legs, serious and may even cause paralysis, mild also common sprains, strains, scrapes, cuts and other injuries.

II. Precautions and instructions to be taken in trampolining

1. Wear comfortable and loose clothing (long clothes and trousers are good) and special anti-slip socks, which you can bring or buy in the play area.

2. Be aware of the relevant hazard warnings and precautions and read the information on entry to the park carefully.

3. Before entering the play area, remember to warm up for 10-15 minutes, focusing on the ankles, waist, neck, wrists and joints, the trampoline instructor will guide you through the warm-up exercises.

4. Do not bring in any fragile or sharp objects or items that may cause bodily harm.

5. Please remove jewellery, necklaces, earrings, glasses, hair clips, earrings and other foreign objects before entering the trampoline area; long nails and glasses are not allowed and girls should tie their hair with a rubber band (no hair clips) to avoid hurting themselves during exercise.

6. Children under 3 years of age are strictly forbidden to enter the bed area. Children under 12 years of age need to be accompanied by a guardian to enter the bed area. Unaccompanied guardians have the responsibility and obligation to cooperate with the bed area staff to manage and regulate unsafe behaviour of children.

7. People with unhealthy health conditions such as alcohol, high blood pressure, cardiovascular and respiratory diseases and those weighing more than 240 pounds are not allowed to enter.

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