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Develop Your Child's Character In Naughty Castle
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Develop Your Child's Character In Naughty Castle

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The naughty castle is a place where children like to play very much now, because they can play happily there. But you know what? A naughty castle is not only a place for children to play, but also a good place to help parents develop and observe children's characters.

On the one hand, the naughty castle is in a closed environment, and adults can see the whereabouts of children as far as they can see, so there is basically no need to worry about safety issues. On the other hand, there are many unfamiliar children in the naughty castle, which is also convenient for developing and observing children's interpersonal skills and ability to deal with conflicts.

When your kids are in conflict with other kids, the way they deal with it can show you what kind of personality your kids are. Of course, no matter which aspect of your child's character you see, you should let your child handle it, and you can't just help or scold them.

1. When the child encounters a problem, the parent does not immediately intervene.

The purpose of this is to create time and opportunities for children to deal with problems independently. If parents have been helping children to deal with problems, then they will not be able to develop the ability to deal with problems independently.

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2. If your child asks for help, don't ignore it.

Maybe you didn't take the initiative to help the child, but the child came to you for help without trying to solve it on her own. At this point, you can guide your children to say what problems they have encountered and how to solve them, and then guide them to solve problems according to their own ideas.

3. Never allow your child to solve problems.

Although we mentioned earlier that children should learn to solve problems on their own. But for some introverted children, without parental support, she may feel even more insecure. For a child with a strong and domineering personality, ignoring his parents is tacitly acquiescing to his bad behavior. In both cases, parental guidance is needed to allow children to develop better characters.

4. Parents should correctly deal with conflicts and contradictions between children.

Parents should not overprotect their children, nor blindly suppress children. Letting children understand what socialization is, is also one of the ways to gradually improve children's emotional intelligence. This allows children to learn the correct way to deal with problems in all kinds of contradictions and conflicts.

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