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Do Trampolines Help Children Grow Taller?
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Do Trampolines Help Children Grow Taller?

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Physical fitness experts say that children's regular participation in outdoor sports has a great effect on physical movement and physical and mental development, but they must also follow certain principles and not be rushed into it.

Trampoline, also known as "aerial ballet", is a competitive sport in which athletes use acrobatic skills to bounce off the trampoline, and it is a type of gymnastics. Half an hour of trampoline exercise is equivalent to two hours of running and one hour of swimming, which is a comprehensive exercise.

Exercise is good for bone growth

Trampolining is a relaxing, enjoyable and effective recreational sport that is clearly beneficial to children's physical development. In fact it is not just trampolining, but also chasing and jumping during children's play that is good exercise and helps to promote bone growth. There are many benefits to exercise, but it is not just about making your child taller. Different forms of exercise have different emphases and can lead to different sports injuries if there is too much exercise or too little of it. Trampolines can be used as a tool for children to exercise and play, but should never be limited to one form of exercise.


Exercise is not the only factor in growing taller

Exercise helps to grow taller, but it is not the only element of physical growth and, conversely, can have a negative impact on health if done excessively. In addition to moderate exercise, it is important to maintain balanced nutrition and good sleep to help your child grow to their ideal height.

Notes on trampoline play for children

1. Choose trampolines designed for children. These trampolines have a larger jumping area, are surrounded by a protective net and have thicker foam wrapping on the rails that hold the net in place.

2. Please do not allow children to bring toys and other objects to play on the trampoline, as the trampoline is more bouncy and may bounce hard objects during jumping and cause unnecessary injuries.

3. Trampolines for children are relatively safe, but children should be supervised by parents when playing on the trampoline. Do not allow children to jump violently, try to keep a small amount of straight up and down, or grab the pole guard with both hands to prevent falls (children are developing and falling sideways is likely to cause fractures or sprains).

4. Make sure you do not allow your child to play endlessly, as extreme fatigue can lead to a decline in immunity and is not good for growth and development.

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