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Four Points To Pay Attention To When Designing A Water Park
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Four Points To Pay Attention To When Designing A Water Park

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The water park has become a very popular amusement park with its unique cultural connotation, technological content and powerful entertainment functions. For water parks, water is the most important carrier, and many tourist facilities and equipment are built on water. So what should be paid attention to in the design of water parks?

1. What are the prerequisites for investing in a water park?

When investing in a water park, you must first consider the following prerequisites.

The first is the need for tourists. In the positioning of customer groups, it is necessary to focus on the number of local customers and customer groups such as one-day tours and self-driving tours within 300 kilometers of the surrounding area.

The second is seasonality. The operation of the water park is seasonal. Depending on the time of continuous operation in different regions, it is necessary to consider the combination of indoor and outdoor projects that can be operated in all seasons to resolve the contradiction between low and high seasons.

The third is the attractiveness of the project. The attractiveness of the project is the most important condition. The theme of water parks is an effective means to enhance attractiveness. It is difficult to differentiate products, so functional configuration and services are particularly important.

2. What are the different characteristics of water parks?

There are three main aspects of water park differentiation: water park equipment (products), business philosophy (services), and the type of main style. If you can differentiate in these three areas, you can avoid homogeneous competition.

3. What are your suggestions for the location of the water park?

The most important thing for water parks is to avoid homogeneous competition. If there is already a water park within the scope of the selected project, it is necessary to avoid homogeneous competition. If there is no homogeneous project, you need to ensure that there will not be the same project around you of the same type within 3-5 years, so as to ensure that the project can recover its cost. Of course, location selection is not the most important limiting factor, and specific issues should be analyzed in detail.、

4. What principles need to be followed in the design of water parks?

In terms of planning ratio, the facility area (including the waiting area) and the leisure area should be distinguished, and the planning ratio should be appropriate. Due to the limited space, too many water rides crowded together will bring a bad experience to tourists. Among them, the wave pool is generally arranged in the center of the park and is the focus of the entire water park. The children's pool is a place where adults and children play. There should be enough leisure space for the elderly and women who are inconvenient to go into the water.

In terms of service implementation, the necessary shower room for water parks is indispensable.

There can be several more food purchase stalls, which are widely distributed and convenient for tourists to buy. At the same time, management issues must be taken into account, and the water body of the scenic spot must not be polluted.

In addition, ambulance access is an important factor that must be considered when designing a water park.

At the same time, there must be a commanding height. Setting the commanding heights allows management personnel to see the situation of the whole park, and at the same time allows tourists to experience the fun of climbing high and looking into the distance and enjoying the panoramic view of the scenic spot.

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