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Great Water Parks In Asia
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Great Water Parks In Asia

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The best place to go in hot summer is of course the water park. Which interesting water parks have you been to? Here we will recommend some water parks in Asia with a great experience.

1. Chimelong Water Park, China

Chimelong Water Park is the water park with the largest number of tourists in the world, even surpassing Disney in the United States. The most exciting python here, from the curved spiral slide to the 6-meter-long fully enclosed slide, combines the feeling of torsion, spiral and vibration, which will definitely make your adrenaline burst. There is also a very creative slide project super loudspeaker, sitting in a four-leaf clover floating circle, starting from a six-story platform, you feel like being sucked into a huge horn like being sucked into a tornado. Everyone cheers during the fast slide, and the big horn will let your voice spread throughout the park. In addition, there are different water slides such as family slides, centrifugal slides, and vertical limits, as well as mild and relaxing projects such as Hawaiian Water City, Super Wave Pool, and Drifting River.

2. Waterbom Bali Water Park, Indonesia

Waterbom Bali is Bali's top water park, located on the south side of Kuta Beach. Known as the best water park in Asia, it features a wide variety of water slides, pools and playgrounds. In addition to the large swimming pool, there are five 600-meter-long water slides and a 250-meter lazy river in the park. Plants unique to the tropical rainforest are planted along the banks of the river, allowing you to enjoy the feeling of drifting in the unique scenery.

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3. Coco Splaash Adventure & Water Park, Thailand

There are 6-7 water slides in this water park, which is more suitable for parents and children. What's more special is that in addition to some water sports, there will also be air cushion jumping, bouncing trampoline, bumper boats, jungle adventure mini golf, bouncy castles, go-karts and other amusement projects in the park. Moreover, there are not many tourists here, and many items do not require you to queue for too long.

4. Sunway Lagoon Theme Park, Malaysia

Sunway Lagoon Theme Park in Malaysia is also an award-winning theme park year after year. Sunway Theme Park covers six themed play areas and dozens of landscapes. You can freely choose to play in Water Park, Amusement Park, Extreme Park, Wildlife Park, Scream Park, and Nickelodeon Lost Lagoon. There are also man-made surfing beaches, the world's longest pedestrian suspension bridge, Asia's tallest slingshot chair, Malaysia's first interactive zoo, Asia's longest flying fox cableway, etc.

5. Adventure Cove Waterpark, Singapore

Adventure Cove Waterpark is the only water park in Southeast Asia that incorporates marine life elements. You can play with dolphins and go snorkeling in coral reefs! There are 6 exciting water slides and the first hydromagnetic roller coaster in Southeast Asia. You can go to Surf Bay with your friends, or hug the swimming ring and go down the River of Adventure, passing through 14 themed areas such as the tropical rainforest park and the cave inhabited by strange marine life, spending time soaking in the water under the sun pleasant time.

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