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How Can Children Exercise With a Trampoline?
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How Can Children Exercise With a Trampoline?

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The trampoline is suitable for children from the age of 6 years and upwards. Not only does it provide children with fun, but there are also many benefits to consistent exercise.

1. Exercise cardiorespiratory capacity and cardiovascular health

It is a low-impact exercise that not only strengthens the heart muscles, but also prevents excessive stress on the joints and has a significant effect on the prevention of common respiratory diseases.

2. Stimulates height development and improves balance

It increases bone density and joint strength and promotes bone growth; it also promotes the development of coordination and balance in the upper and lower limbs.

3. Train muscle control for better posture and body posture

Makes the child's movements sensitive and muscles more powerful, thus forming a good posture and physique.

4. Enhances attention and increases the child's confidence

During the bouncing process, children continue to discover new trampoline skills, learn to persevere and strengthen their perseverance, helping them build self-esteem and confidence, and also relieving stress.

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The safety of children is a major concern for parents, so how can children play safely on trampolines?

  • No children under the age of 6 are allowed to use the trampoline and only one child is allowed to use the trampoline at a time.

  • Children are not allowed to play on the trampoline alone and must be supervised by an adult on site.

  • If a trampoline must be used at home, it must be placed on the ground and kept at a safe distance from other hazards.

  • Always install a trampoline enclosure (net) for domestic trampolines and cover the trampoline frame, springs and surrounding landing surface with a protective mat.

  • Equipment needs to be checked regularly for breakages, dislodgements and damage.

A few basic principles that must be remembered when you first start playing on a trampoline.

1. When on the trampoline, it is best to bounce more on it first to increase familiarity and slowly master the skills of controlling direction and height, otherwise it is easy to increase the chances of accidents.

2. Should first learn the basic action "back bounce", that is, how to fall on the trampoline with the back, so as to avoid the wrong posture and sprain the neck, do not use the hands to support when landing, and do not use the head.

3. The higher the body bounces, the greater the force when landing, and if you land with your feet, the heavier the burden on your feet.

4. Avoid bouncing on a trampoline with more than two people at the same time, and pay attention to the surroundings, the place where the body lands, and be careful not to collide with others.

5. Avoid stepping on the springs under the frame to avoid uneven bouncing and accidents.

6. Even the sponge pools in trampoline bounce houses have a good chance of injury.

7. Adults must not let children play by themselves, without watching and supervising, accidents often happen in a flash

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