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How Can Children Play With Sand More Interestingly?
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How Can Children Play With Sand More Interestingly?

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Almost all children like to play with sand, and sand has different ways of playing for children of different ages. So how can children have more fun playing with sand?

1. Drawing with sand on paper

If your children also likes to play with sand, you might as well find a piece of cardboard, smear glue or the shape your children likes on it, and then guide your children to sprinkle sand on it, so that your children can play more happily.

2. Painting on the sand

You can simply use a chopstick or a branch to teach your children to draw in the sand. You can let your children draw freely, or teach your child to draw some simple shapes. This kind of play can help children understand more shapes, and it can also improve children's hand-eye ability.

sand pool (3)

3. Print various patterns on the sand

Prepare various items, such as simple lids, paper cups, etc., and then stamp on the sand, which can help children distinguish the shapes and sizes of various items.

4. Moving the sand

If you are going to take your child to play in places with sandy soil, then you might as well prepare your children with a toy car with a dump bucket to teach your children to carry the sandy soil from one place to another. This helps improve your child's balance and also enhances your children's sense of direction.

5. Press your fingerprints on the sand

You can teach your child to pile up sand and then teach your child to put a handprint on it. You can let the children cover the sand with both hands at the same time, or you can cover your handprints with the child, and let the child recognize your and his own handprints. This is conducive to the ability to understand your own body and learn to observe.

Here we've shared these sandy fun ways to play with your little ones. It also helps to draw in your parent-child relationship in the process. So try with your children now.

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