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How Old Is The Recommended Age To Play On The Trampoline?
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How Old Is The Recommended Age To Play On The Trampoline?

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There is some debate about when it is appropriate for young children to play on the trampoline. Generally, trampolines are recommended for children over the age of 6, but many parents may start their children on trampolines at a younger age.

The main reason not to let children under the age of 6 jump on the trampoline is a lack of development of key motor skills. But there are other reasons too, such as the underdeveloped bones of young children, the fact that impacts can cause injuries, that children are more likely to be injured than adults, and that the stress children put on themselves can lead to more injuries. But if you still want your kids to play on the trampoline, you can choose some smaller trampolines for 4-6 year old, these are probably the safest way to get your kids used to it and give them a lot of fun. But if your children are younger, then they are really not suitable for playing on the trampoline.

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Of course you should know that it is not the age of the child that matters, but the size of the trampoline. Children under the age of 6 should start on a smaller trampoline, which, while less flexible, is safer. For children ages 6 to 10, the appropriate trampoline size is 8 feet by 12 feet. But if your child isn't that tall yet, they can have a lot of fun on the smaller trampoline until they learn how to control themselves when jumping. When your child is 11 or older, you can choose a trampoline that is 14 feet or larger.

While this is a subjective limit, the best baseline age for a child to play on a trampoline is around 6 years old. Because your child should be mature enough at that age to understand what they're supposed to do and be able to grasp the instructions needed to jump safely.

Although the trampoline is a good way to exercise children, for the safety of children, it is recommended not to let children who are too young to play on the trampoline.

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