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How To Clean And Maintain The Naughty Castle Children's Playground?
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How To Clean And Maintain The Naughty Castle Children's Playground?

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Once you are in the indoor amusement and playground business, you have to consider the cleaning, maintenance and repair of the equipment.

So what should you do to maintain your indoor naughty castle children's playground? Here are some tips for cleaning playgrounds.

1. Daily and weekly cleaning

Clean the inside and outside of structures and activities with a soft damp cloth.

Vacuum or sweep floors.

Remove dirt, garbage or food residue.

Stairs, panels and domes should only be cleaned with a soft cloth and Windex.

2. Monthly maintenance other than the above items

All exteriors of the unit retain the plastic sheen.

Check the foam strips for any tears and missing zippers.

Check all exposed ties to make sure there are no sharp edges and the ties are secure.

Loose or missing hardware should be tightened or replaced.

Conduct a structural safety checklist.

Complete any necessary corrective actions to keep the structure in top condition.

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3. Cleaning and maintenance of the exterior of the amusement equipment

It is recommended that all bolts and screws of the play equipment be checked monthly for tightness and we recommend replacing them if there are any signs of wear.

4. PVC coated mesh

Wipe and/or vacuum the PVC coated mesh located on the outside of the structure to keep it clean.

5. Cleaning and maintenance of interior plastic and vinyl areas

Plastic interior - wipe clean and/or vacuum.

Active areas - wipe down and/or vacuum.

Vinyl Covering Components (Includes Foam Shapes, Floor Mats, and Post Caps) - Clean with Windex.

Vinyl-covered components will experience wear and tear under normal use, and any damage to these items should be promptly repaired.

Make sure to only use Windex when cleaning stairs, panels and domes.

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