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How To Clean And Maintain The Ocean Ball Pool?
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How To Clean And Maintain The Ocean Ball Pool?

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Cleaning and maintaining ocean ball pools, sand pools, etc. is a very important job content, because it is a prerequisite for ensuring the safety and health of children in activities, and it is also a standard for operators to operate for a long time. So how should we do it?

1. Cleaning of ocean balls

1). Use a container such as a fishing net or a basin to pack the ocean balls in the ball pool, and then do a comprehensive cleaning of the bottom of the ball pool.

2). Dilute soapy water, disinfectant washing powder, bleaching powder, detergent, etc., then soak the ocean ball, and then clean it.

3). Spray the disposable disinfectant directly on the spherical surface to disinfect and remove odor.

4). Dry with a soft damp cloth.

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2. Sand pool cleaning

1). If it is fine sea sand, it can be sprayed on the sand pool with disinfectant extracted from traditional Chinese medicine, which not only has a good effect, but also decomposes naturally without residue.

2). If it is cassia seeds, it can be sterilized by regular exposure to the sun. Do not wash with water as it is easy to germinate.

3). Pick up and throw away the large garbage and objects in the sand pool directly. If it is mixed with sand, use a shovel to remove it together with the sand. At the same time, pay attention to the timely replacement of sand.

4). The most important thing in cleaning the sand pool is cleaning and drying, so choose a sunny and good day according to the weather forecast.

3. Cleaning and maintenance of painted floor mats

Regarding the painted floor mats, use a broom to clean the large garbage, and use a vacuum cleaner to clean up the small garbage, and clean the garbage on the ground. Use a water-soaked mop to clean every corner of the park from the inside to the outside to ensure that every corner of the park is clean and hygienic. Dry the mat with a dry mop so that no moisture is left on the surface. Especially during business hours during the day, if there are floor mats that need to be cleaned, they should be cleaned in time to keep the park clean and give children a hygienic play environment.

After the painted floor mat is laid, it is forbidden to touch it with hard objects, because this will scratch the surface of the floor mat, destroy the integrity of the floor mat, and affect its service life of the floor mat.

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