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How To Clean The Sand Pool In The Children's Playground?
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How To Clean The Sand Pool In The Children's Playground?

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The sand pool is an indispensable amusement item in the children's playground. The sand pool composed of sand and some sand shoveling tools provides children with a rich play experience. Like other amusement equipment, in the process of being used, the sand and sand shoveling tools in the sand pool will also be contaminated with various kinds of dirt, so daily maintenance and cleaning are essential. So what exactly should be done to maintain and clean the sand pool?

1. Pay attention to daily maintenance

Once the sand pool is dirty, it is more troublesome to clean. Therefore, the staff of the children's playground must pay attention to daily maintenance, and often check whether the children and parents who play in the sand pool have done the following:

1) Wear socks.

2) Children who cannot take care of themselves need to wear diapers.

3) Leave the sand pool area when eating.

4) It is forbidden to bring sand and sand shoveling tools out of the sand pool area.

If the staff finds any violation of the above regulations, they must stop it in time and request to follow the regulations.

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2. The contaminated sand must be cleaned up in time

In fact, if children and parents who play in the sand pool strictly abide by the relevant regulations and requirements of the sand pool, generally speaking, the sand pool is not so easy to get dirty. However, occasionally the sand is contaminated. At this time, it is necessary to promptly clean up the contaminated sand and carry out corresponding disinfection treatment.

3. The sand shoveling tools in the sand pool should be cleaned frequently

The sand in the sand pool cannot be cleaned, but we can often clean the sand shovel tools. In the sand pool, sand shovel tools are frequently used by children. Compared with sand, shovels are more likely to be soiled. Therefore, sand shovel tools must be cleaned and disinfected frequently.

4. The sand can be taken out for drying during non-business hours

The sun has the effect of sterilization and disinfection. We can get the sand under the sun to dry during non-business hours to help sterilize the sand.

The above are of great help in maintaining the sand pool. If maintained and cleaned regularly, the sand pool is less prone to soiling and provides a safe and secure environment for children.

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