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How To Correctly Measure The Size Of A Trampoline?
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How To Correctly Measure The Size Of A Trampoline?

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Perhaps you are preparing to move your trampoline to a new location, and it is important to measure your trampoline at this time. Some people think that the size of a trampoline depends on its mat, while others think that the frame is the most important thing. So how exactly should you measure your trampoline?

1. Measure the circular trampoline

In order to properly measure a circular trampoline, you must make sure to cover the trampoline frame to frame, not just the mat. Here are the steps to accurately measure a circular trampoline

1). Through the center of the trampoline, measure from one side of the trampoline's metal frame to the other end of the frame. If you have a trampoline where the logo is usually in the middle of the mat, it will be easier to locate the center of the trampoline.

2). Now repeat step 1 from the other side too, you will get two numbers.

3). Calculate the average of the two numbers by adding them together and dividing by 2, this step is important because sometimes the frame can warp over time. So measuring frame-to-frame from two opposing sides and then calculating the average will get you the closest you can get to the actual measurements of a circular trampoline.

2. Measure the oval trampoline

To properly measure an oval trampoline, you should measure both sides (shorter and larger) at their maximum width.

1). Measure from the short side, from the maximum width.

2). Now repeat step 1 for the larger side.

3). Now multiply these two numbers to find out the surface area of the oval trampoline and the correct measurement.

trampoline park (5)

3. Measure the rectangular trampoline

To accurately measure a rectangular trampoline, you must calculate the actual length of each side of the metal frame to the trampoline, which means measuring all four sides separately.

1). Measure from the short side of the metal frame.

2). Measure the long side.

3). For final dimensions, you can separate or add the two measurements to find the total circumference of your trampoline metal frame.

4. Measure mats, springs and housings

If you are planning to replace jumping mats for your trampoline, no matter what the shape of your trampoline is, the frame size is what you need. Also, you must measure the size of the spring on the trampoline. To accurately measure the spring size, go from hook to hook, making sure the spring is not stretched at all. Remember that springs are an important part of supporting a trampoline's weight capacity, so it's important to use the right size spring.

If you are going to replace the mat, you will need to measure the frame size, spring size and a number of eyelets. If the number of eyelets does not match, you can simply space out the springs and your new mat will fit perfectly.

If your trampoline needs a new fence, you need to know the frame size and the number of arches or poles on the trampoline.

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