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How To Deal With Emergencies In The Children's Playground?
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How To Deal With Emergencies In The Children's Playground?

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Children's playground is a place where children often go to play. Nowadays, there are also various indoor children's playgrounds, but sometimes children's playgrounds will inevitably encounter some emergencies, so how should we deal with them?

1. How to deal with equipment failure?

Step 1: Cut off the power of the device and check the cause of the device failure.

Step 2: Appease the customer's emotions and compensate customers according to the actual situation.

Step 3: Mark "Equipment Malfunction" in a prominent location on damaged equipment to prevent customer injury from touching the malfunctioning equipment.

Step 4: Notify maintenance personnel of overhaul.

2. What should you do if you encounter a sudden power outage?

Step 1: Immediately appease the customer's mood, turn on the flashlight for temporary lighting, and turn on the broadcaster for power outage broadcast notification.

Step 2: Maintain the site order and avoid negative impacts.

Step 3: According to the actual situation, compensation can be made to customers for customer maintenance.

Step 4: Get to know the cause of the power outage, the time to restore the power, and follow up on the repair.

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3. What should you do when a customer loses something?

Step 1: Ask the customer what the lost item looked like, when and where it was lost. First, try to return to the original route to find the lost item.

Step 2: Check the monitoring, carefully observe the suspicious persons and behaviors at the scene and record them first.

Step 3: If the search fails temporarily, record the specific information of the lost item, as well as the customer's name and contact information, and return it to the customer after finding it.

Step 4: If the customer loses valuables such as a mobile phone, wallets or jewelry, you can call the police for help.

4. How should you deal with the separation of children and their parents?

Situation 1: The child cannot find the parent

First to soothe the child's emotions, ask the child's name, and the mobile phone number of his parents. Then broadcast to help him find his parents and dial his parents. If there is no result for more than 15 minutes, place the child in a safe and supervised place and call the police for help.

Situation 2: The parent cannot find the child

First, to appease the emotions of the parents, and to understand the characteristics of the lost child from the parents. Secondly, arrange for employees to search for the child in the park, and arrange for another employee to check the monitoring and find the child. If there is no result for more than 15 minutes, ask the parents for advice and call the police for help.

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