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How To Ensure Your Playground Is Safe For Kids
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How To Ensure Your Playground Is Safe For Kids

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Playgrounds can be a very fun and enjoyable way for children to play, meet friends, and get some physical activity. However, it is also important for children to be able to play safely in the playground. So what can you do to make playgrounds safer for kids?

1. Adult Supervision

Adult supervision is the cheapest and most effective way to ensure your child has a safe and enjoyable experience at the playground. When adults properly supervise children playing on the playground, children are more likely to play under control and use playground equipment correctly. Plus, if an injury does occur, adults can quickly help the child and get them the help they need.

2. Suitable playground surface

The surface material used in the playground is the key to the overall safety or danger of the playground. If the surface beneath the playground equipment is hard, the chances of injury to those playing will certainly increase. Acceptable playground surface materials include wood chips, sand, and even shredded rubber.

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3. Proper Design and Spacing

Playground design and spacing play an important role in ensuring a safe playground. Playgrounds should have separate play areas for different age groups. The safest playgrounds not only have designated areas for different age groups, but also include all the appropriate safety elements built into the design. Appropriate safety elements include guardrails and protective barriers between rides. In addition to proper safety design, individual playground elements should be constructed a reasonable distance apart from each other.

4. Proper maintenance

As the manager of the playground, the equipment of the playground should be maintained regularly, and there should be no damaged equipment. Make sure there is no rusty metal, and keep an eye out for any metal parts on the playground that don't fit or pose a safety hazard.

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