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How To Prevent Safety Hazards In Water Parks
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How To Prevent Safety Hazards In Water Parks

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For the water park, a good experience can not only improve the reputation, but also stimulate the secondary consumption of tourists. We all know that safety directly affects the experience of tourists. So there are so many tourists in the park of the water park, how to prevent potential safety hazards?

1. Equipment problem

According to relevant data, accidental injuries in water parks are mainly caused by scratches on water slides. Therefore, as a carrier for tourists to play, slides must be maintained frequently. For the slides in the water park, it is necessary to carry out daily, weekly and monthly equipment inspection and maintenance at different depths. The inspection and trial operation before the opening of the park are very important. Inspections are carried out before operation every day. After inspection and trial operation, the official operation can only be carried out. Operation records should also be made. When the equipment is running, it should be constantly checked to maximize the safety of the water temperature, water volume, slideway and other details. At the same time, statistics are made on registered accidental injuries, and improvements are made by equipping tourists with protective props or adjusting the main body of water park equipment.

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2. Contingency plan issues

The safety management unit of the water park should formulate different emergency plans for possible safety incidents. If there is a safety problem one day, with the emergency plan, the loss can be minimized. It is also necessary to conduct pre-drills at regular and fixed points, requiring all units to cooperate tacitly and be proficient in the process, so as to provide timely assistance to tourists and quickly control the scene when emergencies occur in the water park.

3. Staffing issues

The water park safety management unit should configure enough life-saving personnel and life-saving equipment in the park, and high-level monitoring posts should be set up in facilities that are wide and difficult to observe. Lifeguards should be uniformly dressed and easily identifiable, and should be equipped with corresponding contact equipment, communication equipment, lifesaving and other equipment. During operation, it is necessary to conduct inspections and surprise inspections of employees in various positions on the assessment team in the water park. For front-line employees who do not pay attention, are not focused, and are not responsible, they need to be discovered and dealt with in a timely manner.

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