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How To Protect A Trampoline From The Sun Damage
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How To Protect A Trampoline From The Sun Damage

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A trampoline is a great way to entertain and exercise. For trampolines that are placed outdoors, the problem they face is that the rubber parts can be damaged when exposed to direct sunlight and high temperatures for a long time. So what should you do to protect your trampoline from sun damage?

1. Place the trampoline in a shaded area

A simple but effective solution is to install a trampoline in a shaded or wooded area of your yard. If there are no trees or shrubs in the yard, shade can be easily provided by installing a patio cover or awning over the area where the trampoline will be. Since most outdoor locations receive direct or indirect sunlight, it's not always possible to find a completely shady area in your backyard. However, it is easier to prevent the components of the trampoline from malfunctioning when the trampoline receives little direct sunlight during the day. So you'd better choose a shaded area for your trampoline.

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2. Use the sunshade

The amount of sunlight an area receives is usually not within your control, so installing the correct size trampoline sun cover can provide adequate protection. The sunshade is meant to directly cover the top of the trampoline, protecting it from constant exposure to harmful sunlight. Although very effective against the sun, the sunshade is also ideal for areas with a lot of rainfall. And the sunshade can prevent the trampoline from accumulating water on the surface and suffering long-term damage due to prolonged exposure to water, so the sunshade is also a very good choice for waterproofing.

3. Use a spring-loaded cover

For those who can't afford to buy a shade fence or don't have enough shade in the yard, a spring mat cover can help extend the life of the trampoline. This cover helps protect the metal parts from overheating and excessive damage from the sun. But their downside is that these dark covers or those made of nylon can cause burns when touched when exposed to extreme temperatures.

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