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How To Start Your Indoor Playground?
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How To Start Your Indoor Playground?

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With the popularity of indoor playgrounds, many investors have seen its development prospects and have tried to invest in the indoor playground industry. However, there are many investment entrepreneurs who have no experience in this area, and they don't know how to start investing in indoor playgrounds! If you invest blindly, it will definitely lead to subsequent failure. So you know how you should choose to start your indoor playground?

Step 1: Choose your indoor playground theme

There are many different types of indoor playgrounds such as kids play indoor playgrounds, trampoline parks, family entertainment centers, party kingdoms, vertical adventure parks etc. Different indoor playground themes will require different investment funds. So the first step you should choose the right theme according to your budget.

Different themes also have different requirements for the size and height of the indoor playground. For example, a children's entertainment indoor playground or a children's party kingdom, generally speaking, a site of 300 square meters with a height of 3 meters from the bottom to the beam is enough. If you plan to open a trampoline sports park or a family entertainment center, then a height of at least 6.5m is a must. Lower than this value will limit the installation of many interesting types of equipment. In terms of area, more than 2000 square meters is a good choice.

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Step 2: Choose a location near or in a popular mall

When choosing the location of your indoor playground, try to find a place near or inside the most popular shopping malls. Shopping malls have rich consumer groups, which can bring you a lot of passenger flow. And there is usually a large parking space where your customers can park and stay all day.

Step 3: Do a research

Before you design your playground, you need to do market research to find out which area has your largest consumer group or customer group with the highest consumption level. And understand the preferences and needs of customers, and customize unique playground equipment according to customer needs.

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