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How To Stop Trampoline Squeaks
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How To Stop Trampoline Squeaks

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You may find that the repeated squeaking of the trampoline is annoying. So what can you do to stop your trampoline from squeaking?

1. Rust removal

One of the most common causes of squeaky trampolines is rust, which can cause springs or metal parts to rub against each other, creating noise. All you have to do is spray some rust remover on the metal springs where you see reddish brown rust, then use a small, stiff brush to wipe off the rust, rinse with water, and allow to dry well.

2. Lubrication

If the springs on your trampoline are not rusted but are still squeaking, metal-to-metal friction is likely the cause. You can lubricate the springs and other metal parts on the trampoline with oil, which will help prevent grinding and squeaking, as well as rust. The hole or eyelet where the spring hooks into the trampoline frame is another common cause of metal-on-metal squeaking. Apply a small amount of grease to lubricate the joint and prevent noise.

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3. Clean the mat

Trampoline mats can make annoying squeaks, as can wet mats. You'll need to remove loose debris from the mat and use a dry brush to remove dust and other grime. It is not recommended to clean the mat with water and detergent as this will damage the mat and make the surface slippery.

4. Check nuts, bolts and other parts

Over time, the screws and bolts on the trampoline can loosen and squeak. You can use a screwdriver or an appropriately sized wrench to tighten these small parts. It is recommended to check the screws and bolts regularly to ensure they are tight during the regular maintenance of the trampoline.

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