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Popular Trampoline Sizes
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Popular Trampoline Sizes

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An outdoor trampoline can be a lot of fun and a great way to get some exercise in the fresh air. While trampolines are available in a variety of sizes, you will need to buy the right size for your outdoor trampoline. So do you know what are the popular trampoline sizes available now?

1. 8ft to 10ft outdoor trampoline

The most popular round trampolines are generally between 8 and 10 feet in size. These outdoor trampolines are great for small yards, but they are only good for one person at a time. These smaller sized trampolines tend to be closer to the ground than larger sized trampolines, so the weight of the person using the trampoline can be an issue.

2.12ft outdoor trampoline

If you have the space and have multiple children, you might consider a 12-foot trampoline. This size has enough surface area for multiple kids to jump on at the same time. This size trampoline is also great for younger people, as there is more ground clearance than the eight- and ten-foot trampolines.

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3. 14ft and 15ft outdoor trampolines

If you have a large enough yard and want to get the most out of your trampoline, 14-foot and 15-foot trampolines are great options. They are also safer due to the increased surface area and allow for a wider range of gymnastics exercises.

In fact, the size of the trampoline is not the most important, you can choose the appropriate size according to the size of the yard. But no matter what size and shape trampoline you buy, always keep safety in mind and remember that children should always be protected when they are playing.

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