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Safety Tips For Children Playing The Slides
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Safety Tips For Children Playing The Slides

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Slides are a kind of amusement equipment that children like to play with very much. However, in the process of playing, there will inevitably be some safety problems and accidental injuries. So let's take a look at what might be the problem.

1. Skin abrasions

Scratch is a common injury that occurs when playing slides. This is mainly because the slides are not smooth enough, such as wooden slides may crack, stone slides may have bulges, etc. If children wear light clothing and play on these slides, they are prone to scratches.

Generally speaking, this kind of abrasion is only a slight abrasion of the skin. Although the wound is small and the bleeding is small, the abrasion area may stick to the dirt or slip the skin. If the scratched area does not affect the activity, it can be judged as a minor scratch and generally does not require treatment, but remember to wash and disinfect it. If the bleeding does not stop, seek medical attention immediately.

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2. Fall from a height

Some slides are so high that children can fall and hit their heads if they're not careful. Because the child's brain is not fully developed, the head is easily injured after a fall. When the child falls from the slide, the parent cannot move the child casually. First of all, look at where the child is injured and how the child is, and see if there are symptoms such as paleness and coma. The second is to check whether the child's head is injured, and whether the body is bruised or swollen. Finally, observe whether the joints can move freely, whether the child is unwilling to be touched by the parents, or if the child will cry after touching it. If the child has serious problems such as fractures, call the emergency number first.

3. Bump

When the child is playing the on a roller slide, it is easy to hit the head or the skin will turn purple during the process of sliding down the slide. At this time, parents can press the injured part of the child with the palm of their hand, and not rub with their hands, so as not to make the subcutaneous bleeding more serious. Ice packs can be used to reduce bleeding and relieve pain. It usually takes 30 minutes to apply, and the ice pack needs to be changed according to the situation. If the swelling is serious, you can wrap it with a bandage. Be careful not to wrap it too tightly, so as not to cause poor blood circulation. If the ends of your child's hands and feet are whitish, cold, or otherwise unusual, the wrapping is too tight. If your child has head bleeding, confusion, etc., then you need to seek medical attention immediately.

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