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The Benefits Of Children Playing With Sand
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The Benefits Of Children Playing With Sand

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Whether it's a sand pile by the sea or a sand pool in a playground, children will always be there wherever there is sand. So do you know what are the benefits of children playing with sand?

1. Exercise children's hand-eye coordination ability.

When children play with the sand, they will slap the sand vigorously, or scoop up the sand with a shovel to build castles, small sand sculptures, etc. The action of shoveling sand can develop the fine movement of the child's wrist, master the coordination of various body functions such as hands and eyes, and can also control the movement of the child's hand muscles. This not only promotes children's physical health, but also promotes children's brain development, which can inspire children's thinking to be more flexible.

2. Promote the rapid development of children's sensory perception.

The early development of children mainly includes the development of sensory movement. Sand, which is both solid and fluid, can provide children with special sensory sensations.

3. Enhance children's creativity.

Because sand is an extremely common and infinitely variable raw material in life, sand can inspire children's strong curiosity and thirst for knowledge, and satisfy children's desire to create in life. In the eyes of children, sand is diverse and charming, so parents should guide children to play with sand correctly, instead of blindly refusing and preventing it.

sand pool (2)

4. Increase children's ability to recognize spatial relationships.

Spatial relationships are difficult to express. Use a small shovel to put sand into the bucket, fill it up continuously, and then buckle the bucket over to create a small shape, such as a sand castle, which will further develop your baby's understanding of spatial relationships ability.

5. Increase parent-child interaction.

When children play with sand, most adults are afraid that children will squint their eyes or eat sand into their mouths. Therefore, every time children play with sand, adults can always put down their mobile phones and other trivial matters, and concentrate on accompanying their children. The process is the process of interaction between children and parents.

6. Get effective emotional outlet.

Playing sand is a seemingly simple game, but it gives children a great sense of satisfaction and achievement. Children play in the way they like and feel the fun of making decisions by themselves. For children who lack self-confidence or are relatively introverted in daily life, they can effectively vent their emotions by playing with sand, and they will be more energetic.

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