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The Impact Of Children's Outdoor Play
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The Impact Of Children's Outdoor Play

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Outdoor play is an active and healthy way of life. Now more and more parents choose to let their children participate in outdoor play. So what impact can outdoor play have on children?

1. Children's expressive and social skills are improved

Some outdoor play set up some specific scenes, so that children can give full play to their language expression and social skills in this environment. In this specific environment, children need to communicate with each other, exchange ideas and opinions, and finally, the team must reach a consensus to complete the task. In a non-verbal environment, how to let peers know their thoughts clearly and persuade them to accept their own suggestions is the biggest test of children's language expression and social skills.

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2. Cultivate children's creative thinking and practical ability

Creativity is an important criterion for measuring the quality of scientific and technological talents, and cultivating children's creativity and innovative spirit is the focus of quality education. Stimulating imaginative potential and cultivating children's creativity is also one of the benefits of outdoor play for children. Outdoor play provides students with a space to stimulate their creative thinking and an opportunity to develop their hands-on ability. Children need to use their imagination, creativity and hands-on ability to explore and discover new knowledge and fields, and form positive and creative thinking that dares to explore.

3. Play a positive role in promoting children's mental health education

The purpose of mental health education is to improve children's psychological quality, train their perseverance and quality, and enhance their ability to adapt to society. Outdoor play requires children to constantly overcome their psychological fears, improve their emotional regulation and self-regulation abilities, maintain a peaceful mind, challenge themselves, and overcome themselves, so as to cultivate a good will quality of calmness, decisiveness, and perseverance. Therefore, outdoor play can play a positive role in promoting the mental health of students.

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