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The Importance Of Color In The Design Of Children's Naughty Castle
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The Importance Of Color In The Design Of Children's Naughty Castle

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Colors make our world beautiful and rich. Although children do not fully understand color, color is always enriching children's lives. When children explore the world with great interest, the color as an exterior decoration also affects children. Different colors can bring different feelings to children, inappropriate colors can be as distracting as noise, and harmonious colors are pleasing to the eye. So if you are going to design a naughty castle, the choice of color is also very important.

The colors of the children's naughty castle park are relatively gorgeous, all of which are to attract children's eyes and make them love these devices more. The ocean balls are colorful, so children like the ocean ball pool and slides. When the child slides off the slide and rushes directly into the ocean ball pool, it will bring excitement to the child.

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Color acts on people's visual senses to produce color sense, which makes people's psychological activities produce certain emotions. With the growth of age, the child's psychological and physiological structure will undergo certain changes, and the impact of color on it will also be different. Children prefer bright colors. With the change of age, people's preference for color gradually approaches black. That is to say, as people grow older, their favorite color tendencies become more and more mature. Children have just entered this colorful world, their minds are blank, and they have a new sense of everything around them. Simple, bright and bright colors can quickly supplement their perception of the outside world, language ability and cognitive ability. As the children grow up, they like to paint and decorate with bright and bright colors.

Generally speaking, color brightness is the key to determining the lightness and clarity of the color. According to the psychological analysis of children, it is found that when designing children's naughty castles, the use of weak colors should be avoided to prevent children from producing low and fuzzy visual effects.

Children generally like simple and bright colors such as red, yellow, and green. Try to use simple but bright colors in the color ratio of children's naughty castles, which will also attract children's attention more.

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