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The Life Span Of A Trampoline
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The Life Span Of A Trampoline

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For those who want to invest in a trampoline park, there are many aspects to investigate. Among them, the life span of the trampoline is one of the inspection items, so do you know how long the life span of the trampoline is generally?

1. Quality of components

In general, we would consider the most important factor in determining the lifespan of a trampoline is the quality of its components. Trampolines made with higher quality parts are usually more expensive, but also come with a longer warranty. If the company is willing to offer an extended warranty when you choose to buy a trampoline, that's a good indicator of the workmanship and quality of the parts they make for the trampoline. The most important components to consider for a trampoline include the following.

1). Frame

This is the backbone and one of the most important components of the trampoline. Galvanized steel frames are the most common because they don't rust and therefore last longer.

2). Spring

Most springs are also made of coiled galvanized steel wire. However, because they are placed underneath when someone bounces, they tend to wear out faster than other components like the frame.

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3). Jump pad

They are made of nylon, plastic or other materials. High quality jump pads are essential for longevity, they can last an average of 2-5 years with heavy usage. But storing the pad away in winter, for example, and not allowing shoes while jumping, can add a few years to the life of a jump pad.

4). Safety net

The safety net isn't the most expensive part of a trampoline, but it's still an essential part. A low-quality safety net may wear out quickly after heavy use and may only last 1-2 years, while a high-quality safety net will last 5 years or more.

2. Weather conditions

Weather conditions also play an important role in the longevity of the trampoline. Rain, cold, snow and sunlight can wear down all parts of the trampoline. It's best to move the trampoline to a covered area for storage in winter, or if you're not going to use it for a long time, make sure it's properly protected with a waterproof sheet.

3. Maintenance

Routine maintenance is also very important if you want your trampoline to last as long as possible.

Here are some top tips to help you better maintain your trampoline:

Do not wear shoes when jumping.

Store trampolines indoors in winter to avoid exposure to bad weather.

Check all parts and replace any if there are signs of wear.

Remove any debris from the mat and be sure not to place the trampoline next to sharp objects.

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