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The Material Of The Swing Chair
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The Material Of The Swing Chair

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Swinging on the swing is an activity that every child likes very much, and they can enjoy the happy time back and forth. So do you know what materials are generally used for swing chairs?

Generally speaking, swing chairs on the market are mainly made of three materials: steel, wood and rattan.

1. Steel swing chair

Due to the higher hardness of steel, steel swings are more aesthetically pleasing than other swings. It is usually designed with delicate iron lace and elegant flower baskets, which are romantic European style rocking chairs. The swing seat and the swing frame are connected with a buckle iron chain, and the buckle iron chain can adjust the length according to the personal height, so as to adjust the height of the swing seat. The surface of the steel swing is painted with anti-rust paint, which is also waterproof.

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2. Wooden swing chair

Due to the "squeaky" sound of the wood when the wooden swing chair swings, it is usually not suitable for indoor use. However, since the swing seat of the wooden swing is usually tied to the wooden frame with chemical fiber rope, not made of metal or wood. So the friction between the rope and the wooden frame is not great, and some families still keep it indoors.

3. Rattan Swing Chair

The hand-woven rattan swing chair is light in weight, does not worry about paint pollution, and has little harm to the human body. However, a swing chair made of this material is not suitable for outdoor use because it is not protected by paint, so it is not waterproof.

Now that you know what materials the swing chair is made of, do you know what type of swing chair you want?

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