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The Reason Why Children's Naughty Castles Are Built Indoors
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The Reason Why Children's Naughty Castles Are Built Indoors

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Children's naughty castle is an amusement park that has emerged and developed in recent years. This comprehensive children's playground takes children and parents to a new level of understanding of children's entertainment. As a multi-functional and comprehensive entertainment place, the children's naughty castle includes combined slides, crawls, drilling, trampolines, ocean ball pools, guns and other facilities. It allows children to achieve the effect of strengthening their body, strengthening their brains and improving their intelligence in the process of playing. At the same time, it has the characteristics of safety, randomness and interaction. But you will find that the naughty castles are basically built indoors. Do you know why?

1. Changes in the weather

The survey found that most of the current locations of naughty castles are indoor entertainment venues and kindergartens. The reason why most of the naughty castles are indoors is that indoors have several advantages: they are not affected by external factors such as lightning, rain and strong winds, which can avoid the problem of unavailability.

2. Safety factors

The indoor naughty castle has relatively complete safety protection measures, and there are relevant specifications for floor mats and soft bags in the industry standard. Designers often focus on safety considerations when designing venues, so indoors are a better choice.

indoor playground (1)

3. Equipment factors

The naughty castle contains different amusement equipment with high playability. Some of this amusement equipment is electric or pneumatic, and there is no way to install them outdoors for a long time. There are also many components of the naughty castle, which will have a relatively long service life when placed indoors.

4. The location factor

Generally speaking, indoor naughty castle children's playgrounds are opened in general shopping malls or school supermarkets and other places. These places are all brought by parents with children, and there are many potential customers and a large base of personnel, which is incomparable to the outdoors.

In general, indoor naughty castles are the mainstream today, but outdoor ones also have their advantages. If you need to build a naughty castle, you have to choose whether to build an indoor naughty castle or an outdoor children's playground according to your actual situation.

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