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The Unique Charm Of Wooden Slides
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The Unique Charm Of Wooden Slides

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Slides are common amusement equipment with various styles, including ancient tree shape, castle shape, pirate ship shape, etc. The slides are also made of various types of materials, among which the overall style of the wooden slides is more retro and lovely, showing a different simple and elegant texture. The wooden slides give people a warm and quaint feeling, like tree houses and cabins in fairy tales.

Wooden slides use wood as the main structure, and some are all wood and some auxiliary parts are plastic structures. The components of the slide are all imported ash wood, which is hardwood, has good drying performance, has strong water resistance, is not easy to wear, is not easy to crack, is not easy to deform, and has a straight texture. The auxiliary plastic parts are imported engineering plastics, infiltrated with anti-ultraviolet, anti-static and anti-decolorization elements, high strength, smooth surface, safety and environmental protection, good weather resistance, not easy to fade. The wooden combined slide column adopts imported African teak. After the overall processing, the surface is added with environmental protection varnish to make the product surface smooth, UV resistant, bright in color and not easy to fall off.

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The design of the wooden slide is mainly composed of three parts: climbing, platform and sliding. Its playability and fun make it very popular with children. The slide is scientifically designed according to the behavioral characteristics that children like to drill, climb, slide, etc. It integrates fitness and entertainment functions. Slides can make children's coordination, balance, and flexibility of the whole body can be effectively exercised. At the same time, it can also allow children to get good physical exercise and a happy mood after playing, and help to improve children's communication and communication skills, as well as cultivate a positive and cheerful personality.

Since you know the charm of wood slides. What a relaxing and wonderful thing to do with the kids on a wooden slide on a sunny afternoon.

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