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Trampoline Keeps The Lymphatic System Healthy
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Trampoline Keeps The Lymphatic System Healthy

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Trampoline has many benefits, such as reducing fat, improving physical endurance, etc., but have you heard that trampoline can maintain the health of our body's lymphatic system?

Long periods of sitting still keep toxins trapped in our cells, but exercise can improve the situation. Any form of physical activity can be beneficial, boosting lymphatic circulation and detoxifying the lymphatic system, but one of the most effective methods is bouncing, such as trampoline. Trampolines stimulate the detoxification of the lymphatic system, because bouncing is more effective at boosting lymphatic circulation than other sports because of the effects of gravity and your body's muscle contractions. And the trampoline cushions the impact of the action without putting pressure on your joints, making it more friendly than some other cardio exercises.

Now that trampolines have such benefits, what trampoline moves can you try?

1. Rebound movement

The rebound is the basis of most movements on the trampoline. When performing this action, the body is in a slight squat position, legs are hip-width apart, and the core is tightened to protect the lumbar spine. Use core power to bounce and jump, keeping your center of gravity low. Repeat the rebound exercise for 3 minutes.

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2. Lunge long jump

Stand with one foot on the trampoline and the other foot on the floor, squat into a low lunge, knees at a 90-degree angle, push the toes of the back foot off the ground, and jump up. At the same time, raise your arms straight above your head and lower your body slightly, returning to a low lunge.

3. Opening and closing jump twist

Get into a squat position, press your feet down to get some momentum, and do two jumping jacks. Then jump up and turn your right hip forward, turn your toes to the left, and keep your shoulders as far forward as possible. Let your right arm bend toward your chest, your left arm straight out toward the outside, and then come back forward with your feet together and your arms crossed in front of your chest.

4. Jump kick combo

Start with the right leg, jump with both legs in turn, then kick the right leg straight forward, and then switch to the left leg and kick straight forward. Go back to jumping with your legs in turn, and then kick your right leg directly to one side, then switch to the left leg and kick to the other side, and your arms need to be stretched out in the direction of your legs.

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