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Trampoline Movement Tutorial In Trampoline Park
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Trampoline Movement Tutorial In Trampoline Park

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Now many people like to go to trampoline parks to relax, but learning trampoline movements must follow the principle of step by step, and be careful not to hurt yourself. So let's take a look at the correct trampoline movements.

1. Warm up

1). Trampoline Contact Jump

Spread your feet shoulder-width apart and bend your knees slightly with your hands on your hips. Bounce gently but keep your feet on the jumping surface of the trampoline.

2). Trampoline side rocking

In the same position as the "trampoline contact jump," turn your weight on one foot, then turn your weight on the other foot.

3). Trampoline side bounce

When jumping you need to shift your weight to the left and right of the trampoline. Then, lift the opposite leg to the hip and jump out.

4). Jump on both sides of the trampoline

Bring your feet together, leave the center of the trampoline and jump from side to side of the trampoline, then back again.

5). Jogging in place

Bring your weight back to the center of the trampoline and start jogging in place as if you were on the ground. Then, start doing two light jumps on each foot before switching to the other leg.

trampoline park (4)

2. Stretching

1). Low body stretch

Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and your hands behind your back. Then bend over as far as you can, as if to touch your toes.

2). Bend the body and stretch

Sit on the floor with your legs fully apart, but not strained. Then, bend the knee of one leg toward the torso, and the chest pull-up touches the thigh on that side and twists.

3). Ground stretch

Still sitting on the floor, spread your legs as far as possible, and then pull your chest down to touch one thigh.

4). Stretch between legs

Return to a standing position, extending your legs and spreading them to shoulder width. Then slowly bring the chest pull-down down to the right thigh.

3. Start the trampoline

1). Vertical jump

Start off lightly and then try to jump as high as possible.

2). Jump

Raise one knee above the waistline in the jump.

3). Hopscotch

Jump up with your legs together and keep your legs shoulder-width apart when landing on the net.

4). Step jump

Alternately raise your knees to waist height on the basis of a 'trampoline contact jump', with your arms and legs moving in sync.

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