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Types Of Sand In The Indoor Sand Pool
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Types Of Sand In The Indoor Sand Pool

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Every child likes to play with sand, because it is the most natural toy that nature bestows on every child. Sand is a toy that taps children's creativity, making them more thoughtful and smarter! Now there are many indoor sand pools for children to play in, so do you know what types of sand are in these sand pools?

1. Sea sand

Sea sand is natural sand. The main recommendation is washed sea sand. In fact, it is ordinary sea sand that has been screened, washed and dried. The advantage of sea sand is that it is natural, and at the same time relatively clean, and the particle size is suitable, it is not easy to cause physical damage, and the price is relatively reasonable.

2. Quartz sand

Quartz sand is processed sand, which is crushed and ground with quartz stone. It basically has the main characteristics of sea sand, but quartz sand has a serious disadvantage, that is, it is easy to dust and a little dirty.

The above two kinds of sand have a common deficiency, that is, there is no way to clean it, or it is difficult to clean it. Therefore, there are also many alternatives to sand to choose from.

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3. Cassia

The advantage of cassia seeds instead of sand is obvious. It is a natural plant seed, and there is no harm to the body if eaten in a small amount. But it still has the problem of cleaning possibility, and its storage is more difficult, and it is easy to grow insects and deteriorate. It also costs a lot, usually 5 to 10 times the price of sea sand. In addition, cassia seeds are divided into raw and cooked, and it is strongly recommended not to use raw cassia seeds. Although it is much cheaper, as a plant seed, raw cassia seed will germinate under the right environment, which is not very suitable.

4. Plastic pellets

Plastic granules are made of food-grade plastic into small particles of 5*3*3MM size. This product has great advantages in use and is easy to store without worrying about moisture deterioration. At the same time, it can be washed and cleaned, and it is easy to air dry. It can keep the sand pool clean for a long time, and it is more attractive to customers. But its biggest drawback is that the cost is too high, almost three times the price of cassia seeds.

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