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What Are The Different Types Of Trampolines?
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What Are The Different Types Of Trampolines?

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Trampolining is a popular form of entertainment. In order to increase the fun and enhance the participation of the masses, different trampoline programs have been derived in recent years, and the types of trampoline can be briefly described as follows.

There are two types in terms of material. 

I. Steel frame trampoline

1. Steel trampoline for children

The children's type of steel frame trampoline is relatively small, because the weight and height of the child is an influencing factor, and at the same time the children's knowledge of the trampoline is basically present in the play amusement, so the construction of a children's trampoline park is more important is the experience effect of the amusement, to allow children to experience the fun of trampoline is the key. You can enhance the good feeling through the differentiation in colour, the specification of the project equipment, the gift of small toys and other services.

2. Steel trampoline for adults

For adults, the role of trampoline parks is to provide a place for leisure, recreation and fitness, where the stress of one's work can be significantly reduced under the guidance of the trampoline program, as well as good development of physical fitness. The characteristic of the adult steel-framed trampoline is that the program is not entirely geared towards a fun experience, but on a real value experience.

II. Inflatable trampolines

Inflatable trampolines are relatively easy for many investors to control, such trampolines are generally small in size, only a few dozen square metres or so, most commonly found in plazas or atriums of shopping malls, do not underestimate inflatable trampolines, which can contain a variety of entertainment projects: small trampolines, slides, ocean ball pools, VR experiences and so on. In fact, there is no big difference with the common large indoor trampoline project, but the process of setting up and collecting is more complicated and requires the operator to know all the installation instructions of the equipment.

There are also different classifications depending on the way you play

I. Ordinary single trampoline

Among all trampoline types, this equipment covers a small area, can be folded, weighs two to three hundred pounds, can carry up to 180 kg, suitable for children aged 6 to 8 years old to play, its advantage is that there are no rigid requirements for the venue, can be laid out in temporary venues, single charge is low, one-time purchase cost is low, less maintenance, but there is no group sex unable to interact.

II. Super trampoline

In order to improve the shortcomings of the single trampoline, manufacturers manufactured super trampoline, as the name suggests, covers an area of large, one-time participation in a number of people, can team competition, can do many actions, such as front flip, back flip or side flip, bearing capacity, a one-time can accommodate more than a dozen people, while the game scene laughter, this equipment, although the cost is high, but the game once the charge is also high, fast recovery of investment this kind of equipment, although the cost is high, but the game a charge is also high, fast recovery of investment, by the majority of investors love.

Ⅲ. Bungee trampoline

Bungee is a high-risk sports, but generally only in the outdoor expansion of the venue will appear, huge investment, the need for hundreds of meters of drop, the general business can not operate, borrowing this form, with trampoline, the manufacturer launched the bungee trampoline, this equipment requires personnel to look after, at the same time over the site also need safety rope, underground need to be equipped with large ancillary facilities to protect safety, relatively than super trampoline, trampoline trampoline investment Larger and more profitable, with a specific customer base, not afraid of no business, but be aware that due to the safety requirements, local supervision departments will often check, if found equipment damage, or if there are people injured accident, often issued a huge fine.

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