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What Are The Themes Of Naughty Castle?
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What Are The Themes Of Naughty Castle?

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The indoor naughty castle is a place that children like to play very much now, and the style of the naughty castle is diverse. So do you know any naughty castle themes that are very popular among children?

1. Fresh and stylish macaron theme

The macaron-themed naughty castle is a popular children's playground style in recent years. Common macaron colors in the theme of children's naughty castle include dreamy and light cherry blossom powder, refreshing and pleasant mint green, bright and jumping cream yellow, and quiet and atmospheric light lake blue. These are low-saturation colors, they are fresh and good-looking, giving people visual enjoyment.

2. Advanced Morandi Theme

Morandi is known as the most gentle color. The low-purity, low-saturation high-grade ash has ultra-high plasticity and has now become synonymous with high-end sense. The Morandi color system abandons the flamboyant color personality, and integrates moderate gray and white into each color as a reconciliation, transforming the original rich and gorgeous colors into elegant and advanced gray texture. The use of this color system in the naughty castle reduces and reduces the influence of color on children's emotions, helps children's emotions optimize, and cultivates children's optimal character. Morandi style is generally suitable for relatively high-end children's playgrounds or parent-child restaurants.

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3. Dreamy ocean theme style

The overall color of the marine-themed naughty castle is mainly blue, with cute and vivid marine life image elements, such as starfish, octopus, small fish, sharks, dolphins, etc., to create a refreshing and mysterious marine world. This makes the children who come to the children's paradise seem to be in a wonderful underwater world, learn all kinds of marine knowledge, see all kinds of marine animals, and have unlimited imagination.

4. Magic Jungle Theme

With the high-rise buildings in the city now, children are gradually derailed from nature. Many parents take their children out for camping or go to jungle theme parks in order to let their children get in touch with nature more. The jungle theme park creates a safe and natural primitive jungle environment for children through the simulation of materials, colors, shapes, layouts and other details.

5. Candy theme

The main features of the candy-style theme children's park are cute, sweet, and dreamy. The tone design of the entire park is dominated by warm colors, using bright and bright colors to create an exaggerated and dreamy visual effect. The walls, decorations and equipment of the park are all designed with children's favorite candies, cakes, biscuits, ice creams, etc. as design elements.

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