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What Aspects Of Water Park Equipment Need To Be Checked?
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What Aspects Of Water Park Equipment Need To Be Checked?

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Water park equipment refers to all equipment that can be used for entertainment in water. It is very important for tourists to be safe when playing with the equipment. Therefore, the staff of the water park should regularly check the safety of the equipment, so what aspects of the equipment do they need to check?

1. Check the appearance of the water slide and the water treatment equipment

When inspecting water amusement equipment such as water slides, it is necessary to check whether there are exposed sharp edges, sharp corners, burrs, and water leakage on the equipment. If there are cracks in the slide groove section, it should be repaired and replaced if necessary. If the interface of the slide is not smooth and smooth, the boss is reversed or water leaks, it should be dealt with in time. It is also necessary to check whether the water treatment equipment is operating normally to ensure the water supply of lubricating water and slide pool. In addition, if the pool surface is found to be cracked, missing blocks, and falling off, it must be repaired in time.

2. Check connections and load-bearing components

It is necessary to check the connecting parts and load-bearing components of the water amusement equipment, and regularly tighten the loose connecting parts. The load-bearing components should be carefully checked, and if there are any cracks or bending deformation in the structure, they should be replaced in time.

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3. Check underwater lighting equipment

Some water park amusement equipment needs to use underwater lighting equipment, so the lighting equipment must be checked regularly. It is necessary to ensure the integrity, sealing and insulation of the lamps, and these performance indicators must meet the requirements.

4. Check the surface paint layer of the metal frame

During the inspection, the surface paint layer of the metal frame of the water park amusement equipment should also be checked in place to see if it falls off and fades. If there is peeling, peeling, etc., the paint should be touched up to prevent corrosion of the metal surface and affect the appearance and strength.

The above is where the water park amusement equipment should be checked regularly. Although some good water park manufacturers can provide qualified water amusement equipment. However, in long-term use, if these equipment need to maintain excellent performance and appearance at all times, the management personnel of the water park must organize regular inspection and maintenance.

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