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What Equipment Does The Water Park Have?
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What Equipment Does The Water Park Have?

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A water park is a place where many people like to play, especially in the hot summer, you can feel the cool feeling in the water park. There is also a lot of play equipment in the water park, so do you know what equipment is generally available?

The water park amusement projects generally include big horn slides, tornado explosions, magic bowls, wave pools, bumper boats, etc.

1. Big horn slide

The big horn slide is based on the kinetic energy principle. Under the action of buoyancy, momentum and lubrication, the player rides the raft on the steel platform to pass through the water through the entrance piece, obtains the speed with high potential energy, and slowly enters the black hole slide area. Immediately fell rapidly, gained high speed, left the black hole slide and entered the big horn. Under the action of inertia and gravity, the person swayed left and right in the big horn with the raft, swayed up and down, and finally slowly slid to the exit and entered the sinking pool. During the gliding process, you can experience the excitement and fun of high-speed centrifugal and volleying.

2. Tornado explosion

At a height of 20 meters, it slides down through the fully sealed slideway, and when it reaches the inside of the horn, it rises awe-inspiringly, giving people a feeling of weightlessness. According to the principles of mechanics, the heavier the weight of 4 people, the stronger the weight loss can be.

water park facilities (1)

3. Magic bowl

This kind of ride also slides down from a fully sealed slide. When you first enter the bowl, the floating ring is almost vertical to the ground. After turning twice in the bowl, you enter the sink through the black pipe, which is very exciting.

4. Wave pool

This facility is essential for water theme parks. It simulates real waves and gives you the feeling of being hit by waves.

5. Bumper Boat

Bumper boat is a kind of water amusement equipment. It is a new type of amusement equipment that uses a new powerful DC engine to pull a plastic propeller to generate power. Bumper boats generally consist of two parts, one is the theme part of the boat, which is the hull that generates power; The other is an inflatable model surrounded by the hull. The inflatable models are generally composed of cute little animals, such as ducks, spotted dogs, cute bears, etc. Bumper boats can be seen in cartoons and on some playgrounds, which is a new way of children's play.

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