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Which Trampoline Structure Is Better?
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Which Trampoline Structure Is Better?

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The trampoline carries the weight of the human body, and then continuously reciprocates, every time it is thrilling and exciting. But there are also various types of trampolines on the market, so many people ask what are the requirements for different trampolines, and which trampoline structure is better. Now let's take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of various trampolines.

1. Single Trampoline

Single trampolines are also called ordinary trampolines. They have been around for a long time and have a high degree of technical maturity, but most of them are no longer in line with the needs of the times. This trampoline has two technical specifications with different structures, one uses the elastic mesh surface as the elastic structure, and the other uses the spring as the elastic structure. The spring type is safer, but it is difficult to maintain. The elastic mesh surface is the mainstream structure now.

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2. Super Trampoline

This device allows multiple people to bounce on it at once. Its structure is mainly a flexible mesh surface, with a metal outer frame and related supporting facilities. In addition to meeting the safety regulations of the product, some customers can also choose a metal outer frame. For example, in order to reduce weight, high-strength aluminum alloy materials are used, and if it is a large outdoor trampoline facility, steel structures can be used.

3. Bungee trampoline

This kind of trampoline is a high-risk facility. The structural design must comply with safety regulations. The manufacturer will not change the design without authorization. Everything needs to meet the quality supervision standards. Its structure is relatively fixed, in addition to the steel frame, it also needs a variety of flexible protection, as well as safety ropes and so on.

Regardless of the size of the equipment, trampolines are made of rigid and flexible structures. Generally speaking, the outer frame of the steel structure has strong characteristics, high durability, and can also meet any load-bearing needs. Of course, the aluminum alloy material has made a big breakthrough. After the design of distributed force, it can also meet the load-bearing requirements, and it is more convenient to disassemble and move. In general, no matter what type of trampoline it is, as long as it meets the safety business standards, then you only need to choose the appropriate type according to your actual situation.

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