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Why Do Children Like To Play With Sand?
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Why Do Children Like To Play With Sand?

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Many people don't understand why children are so obsessed with ordinary sand and water. In fact, playing with sand can bring children a lot of benefits. They can feel happy while playing and can train corresponding abilities at the same time.

1. Develop sensory perception

Letting sand or water flow through the hands can bring special sensory stimulation to the baby. In the process of playing with sand, they will come into contact with sand of different textures, such as wet sand, dry sand, sand with different grain thickness, etc. During the happy game, the baby's perception becomes more and more acute.

2. Exercise the muscles

When playing with the sand, the baby needs to use large and small muscle groups to slap the sand hard or scoop up the sand with a shovel. This process can improve the coordination of the limbs and control the movements of the hand muscles.

sand pool (1)

3. Learn about sand

When babies play with sand, they discover the properties of sand and water. For example, dry sand is scattered, but wet sand can be squeezed into balls, or holes can be made in wet sand. They will also learn that sand is very useful in life. Sand is needed to build tall buildings and repair roads.

4. Develop creativity

Creativity is at the heart of intelligence. Playing with sand itself has no fixed gameplay and inevitable results, so give babies a lot of space to let their imagination and creativity go. Sand is invisible and can be changed at will according to children's preferences. They can dig holes, dig ditches, etc. in the sand at will. Interesting games encourage the baby to invent more different ways to play, and the baby's creative consciousness and ability gradually grow up. By playing with sand, children's hand movements are exercised, and children's observation, imagination and cognitive abilities are cultivated.

5. Gain emotional satisfaction

Children are naturally curious and like to explore the world around them. Playing with sand can satisfy children's interest in exploring nature. The slippery sand gives them a very comfortable feeling, and the baby can play in their favorite way, feeling the fun of self-control, and their mood will be very happy. For those babies who lack self-confidence or are more withdrawn and introverted, it is more satisfying and fulfilling.

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