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Why Do Children Need To Play Independently?
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Why Do Children Need To Play Independently?

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When children play independently, they are learning many valuable lessons that will stay with them throughout their lives. Alone play time helps your child become a well-rounded person who is happy whether they are in a small group, in a large crowd, or alone. Here are a few reasons why alone play is important for children.

1. Teach children to play independently

As your child grows, they understand that they won't have someone by their side every moment. Children who play independently will become more confident and satisfied individuals.

2. Use their imagination and creativity

Imagination and creativity are valuable for both children and adults. Later in life, imagination and creativity become key components of innovative problem-solving skills. Life depends on problem-solving; people with good problem-solving skills are likely to do better at work and in other areas of life.

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3. Develop their social independence

Playing alone can cultivate a strong sense of independence in children. They don't have to be around another person or group of people all the time. This social independence will help them feel comfortable in any situation. Playing alone won't encourage your child to avoid others because of this newfound independence. It actually makes them ready for whatever you have in the day, a solo game in the morning, an afternoon with your playgroup or an evening sleepover with friends.

4. How to encourage children to play independently?

A good start is to give your child special toys and objects she loves: a book and some fun and safe items like a whisk, feather duster, or broom. You also add some fun options like hats, scarves and other dress up accessories, crayons, paper and empty egg cartons. You can get her on her game by sitting down with her and exploring the items. You can stay in the room with her, but start doing your own thing: reading, tidying or folding laundry, etc. Being near her makes it easy to maintain the connection she craves by occasionally commenting on what she's doing and complimenting her activities. That way, you're not directly involved, but provide comfort when she's playing alone. You can extend these independent play sessions by a few minutes each day until it becomes part of your child's routine.

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